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Barack Hussein Obama, Muslim?

One thing seems pretty clear, Barack Obama is not a Christian. The original page content has been removed by the site author due to more recent findings in Barack Obama’s religion. There has been mounting evidence to suggest that Barack Obama is not of the Christian faith as this website previously observed during his inauguration. The documentation at the time was inspired by the promises and charisma that Mr. Obama used to captivate the world audience. However, throughout his campaign, Obama has been responsible for molding social attitude against Christian values. While there are several examples of this throughout the news, and video can easily be found to support his positions, here are a few examples of Obama’s attack against Christianity:

Point #1
Obama won the Catholic vote by stating that he was a very firm believer in upholding the value of traditional marriage due to his strong personal Christian conviction. He completely changed his position this year, and the reasoning, regardless of his phrasing, was something that he felt was more true or more important than God’s position on the matter. One that really does believe in God does not willfully stand against God’s word without an internal sense of wrong for doing so. He not only shows no shame, he has spearheaded the cause by declaring that his administration will not enfore certain laws of the constitution that supports traditional marriage. A contrast video of both accounts can be found on YouTube. I will not go in to the implications of this behavior leading to a dictatorship, but that is also on the table. A president that publically refuses to uphold the laws of his own country… because he (one man) doesn’t agree with them, bypassing the checks and balances system we have in place? Yikes.

Point #2
In the earlier part of his term, in one of his speeches, declared “We are no longer a Christian nation… not just… we are also an Islamic, Buddhist, Hindu, and a nation of non-believers.” While the statement itself does not show the slightest support for his alleged own faith, there is an even deeper subtlety going on as well. For those that have studied NLP (Neuro-Lingustic Programming), there is a lingustic method called injecting Embedded Commands. This is a powerful way to inject specific phrasing into the phyche of the listener so they behave a certain way. In this case, the commend he wanted all of America to know is that “America is no longer a Christian nation.” Period. There was a subtle pause on purpose. It was to kill Christianity from the culture and sway his listeners away from it. The sneaky part is this: If he is ever confronted about it, it is easy to side-step any accusation with, “That was taken out of context. You have to listen to the sentence as a whole to understand the intent.” Pretty clever, eh? Before passing this off as a nut job looking too far into things, ask yourself, “Does the most powerful man in the world have access to linguistic tricks to influence peoples’ minds? If so, would he employ those tricks to further his agenda?” This author says yes.

Point #3
Obama made a solid promise to the Catholic and Christian community about providing a conscience clause when pushing to get ObamaCare passed. This conscience clause was supposed to provide the spiritual community the right to disallow, and not pay for, any form of abortion or contraception benefits within their staff’s medical coverage. After calming the spiritual crowd, Obama’s staff in charge of ObamaCare ignored the promise and continued to push the agenda including forcing Catholics and Christians to pay for abortifacient and contraception-related services and supplies for their staff. Again, he lied about his position and turned completely around. This also can be found on YouTube.

Point #4
There are many videos on YouTube where Obama declares himself a Muslim when speaking to a Muslim audience.

Point #5
There was no evidence of Obama being a real Christian until a lot of heat was put on the issue circa mid-term. Suddenly a picture comes out in the paper of him and his family in church. Then back to no further evidence.

Final Comments

If any of these aren’t enough, ask yourself, has Barack Obama done a single thing to honor Christianity in any way at all without going back on what he said? Has he actually done anything at all with his actions for Christianity?
An Unconventional Generality of Politicians

This author is of the opinion that as a general rule, it is easier to assume that every politician at that level is dishonest, and work backward from there. History shows this to be a prudent party-blind approach. Our politicians deserve the assumption from the public that it is only a matter of time before they show their true colors and disappoint us. We the People are currently in a manufactured tug-of-war between Democrats and Republicans fighting for our hearts and minds and polarizing our culture in the process. It is time for all of us to stop and reflect. Democrats have costantly let us down throughout this country’s history, as have Republicans. There is no single bad guy here. Both parties are guilty. That being said, this author is no particular fan of Mitt Romney because… he is a politician. Perhaps the 2 parties have us tied in a game to distract us from doing what we should do– focus on all of them as a whole as our opponents instead of quarreling with each other. Government is the issue. Perhaps with real pressure put on our government officials to truly hold them accountable for their actions, we can pave the way for a brighter future. Let our politicians’ actions reflect their promises, not their words. I pray even the

Christian fellowship will be keen to blindly electing Mitt Romney into office. Obama lied to us about his faith, what makes Romney so special that we should assume his faith is real either? He can just as easily lie to us just like Obama did. Fast forward to the future… if you did find out he lied to us about everything too, would you be that surprised?

If you would like to author this page and provide a less racy version of this article with more detail or examples than I have given, please shoot a request in the Contact Us page and I will consider the content. The only reason I wrote this article is to not be a contributing factor to Obama’s second term, knowing that there were things written on this page that seemed true back in 2008, but is now officially declared false information by this website.

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