Barack Obama Biography

Barack Obama Born To Leadann-barack-obama-as-a-boy

Barack Obama, born Barack Hussein Obama, came into this world at the Kapi’olani Medical Center for Women and Children in Honolulu, Hawaii, where Barack was born on August 4, 1961. Thus began the story of a man who, no one in their wildest dreams believed, would become the first African American President of the United States of America. Barack Obama was born of mixed ethnic parentage – American mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, and father, Barack Obama Sr., a citizen of Kenya. Within three years since Barack was born, his parents divorced. While Obama’s mother later remarried, his father returned to Kenya and died in an automobile accident in 1982.

Barack Obama Education

The Barack Obama education story is as eventful as it gets in his youthful years. Two countries had a hand in the early and final years of Barack Obama’s Education – Indonesia and the United States. Following his parents’ divorce in 1964, Barack Obama and his mother (who later married Indonesian student, Lolo Soetoro) left Hawaii and moved to the island nation of Indonesia in 1967.

In Indonesia, Obama attended local Jakarta schools – (from the age of 6 to 10) – among them, St. Francis of Assisi School, and the Besuki Public School. Barack returned to Honolulu, Hawaii, in 1971 and was admitted into the Punahou School from the 5th grade until his high school graduation in 1979. Thus, concluded the first phase of early, Barack Obama education.

Following his 1979 graduation, Obama moved to Los Angeles, where the mainland-American chapter of the Barack Obama education story unfolded. Here, Barack was enrolled at Occidental College in 1979. Two years later, Obama joined New York City’s, Columbia University in 1981, majoring in political science with international relations as his specialization.
In 1983, Barack graduated with a B.A. degree. In late 1988, Obama attended the Harvard Law School where he graduated with a J.D. (Juris Doctor) magna cum laude in 1991, and then returned to Chicago.

Barack Obama Age

Barack Obama’s age was a major factor that held promise of a generational shift in the US political arena. Barack’s age was akin to that of John Kennedy’s – the youngest elected US President at 43, who during the inauguration of his presidency said – “The torch has passed on to a new generation”.
barack obama education

Today, Obama may be the 44th US President, but at 47, his age and appearance presents a picture of youthful appeal, as did his tie-less look, on the campaign trail during the 2008 US Presidential Election. In fact, the latter was a well- calibrated strategy to reflect “change”, more specifically, a generational ‘change’ in political leadership, where experience was gradually giving way to age.

As the youngest candidate in the 2008 US Presidential Race, Obama courted generation-X at every opportunity. To accentuate his youthful agebarack-obama-youth-2 and style, Barack’s Facebook-styled webpage won him over 300,000 young friends, as well as an army of youthful volunteers.

Obama’s oft-repeated, and now famous, one-liners resonated well with 18 to 24-years old as it did with older voters. He said – “Let’s bring a new generation of leadership to America”… “The new generation is with me”… and, “It’s time for a new generation of political leadership”. The Barack Obama age factor reinforced his youthful appeal to the young generation – arguably, a significant factor that led to one of the highest voter turnouts by youth in the 2008 US Presidential Election and, perhaps, one of many that cemented his win.

Barack Obama Kenya

The Barack Obama Kenya connection was as uneventful as it was brief. This can be attributed to the fact that in the period since he was born, Obama’s early education was mainly in Indonesia and Hawaii, and later in the United States for higher education.

In mid 1988, Barack traveled to Kenya, spending five weeks there. During his Kenya visit, Obama met several of his paternal relatives for the first time.

In August 2006, Barack Obama visited Kenya again. This would be his second and last visit. While there, he visited a rural western Kenya village near Kisumu, his father’s birthplace, and also paid his respects at the graves of his paternal grandfather and father.

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